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Ana and the Substitute TeacherAna and the Substitute Teacher

Ana is a little girl on the Autism spectrum. Ana has a hard time fitting in. One day, there is a substitute teacher who takes her teacher and classmates prisoner and it is up to Ana to save them.

I've got Aspergers, so I'm better than youI’ve got Aspergers, so I’m better than you. shh… don’t tell mom.

For a long time Aspergers has been considered a disability. In this book, Autistic comedian Adam Schwartz, suggests that maybe its not a disability but rather a difference. A difference that gives people on the Autism Spectrum enough distance from mainstream society to examine its values and rules and point out it’s foibles. In addition, because they are not as tied down to these values, they are better off as a result.

The Story of the Most Unlikely ComedianThe Story of the Most Unlikely Comedian

(Coming Soon) The inspiring unlikely story of how someone with Autism and a speech impediment became a stand-up comedian.

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