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“I really dug it.” – Chase Padget, 6 Guitars

“Playwright and actor Adam Schwartz delivers his comic lines with the straight-up deadpan that many standups long to perfect. It is a bonus for Schwartz that this lack of affect comes naturally, one of the characteristics that comes with Aspergers, a type of autism.

“The Winnipeg-based comedian makes a meal out of awkward, and the audience responds with an enthusiasm that is its opposite; natural, easy laughter rolls through the space, and that seems to feed Schwartz. Every so often during this 40-minute show, he will let loose with the tiniest of slightly mischievous smiles.”

4 Stars, Edmonton Journal

“It’s hard to do something original at the Fringe, but Adam Schwartz has succeeded. In nearly two decades of Fringe-going, I’ve never seen a comedy show put on by someone with Asperger syndrome. Now I have, and I’m glad of it. Like all fine comics, Schwartz uses laughter to comment on fears and misconceptions.”

life with more cowbell

“Stand up comedy is a craft that plays heavily on the delivery of a joke and letting a punch line have room to breathe. Adam Schwartz hits all of these marks in his comedy routine Aspergers: A Tale of a Social Misfit.”

4 Stars Edmonton Vue Weekly

“The feedback we received regarding his presentation was excellent.” – Sandy Marcynuk, organizer of Innovations in Practice Conference 2018

“Turning the page on Aspergers” – The Uniter

Aspergers: A Tale of a Social Misfit – EdmontonFringe.ca Review

Adam subverts stereotypes through Comedy.

“Asperger’s: A tale of a social misfit” Subverts Stereotypes Through Comedy

The Most Unlikely Comedian

Schwartz is totally self-aware about being awkward. “I wouldn’t want to spend 15 minutes alone in a car with me, either,” he jokes. But as a captive member of his audience for 50 minutes, I can say I genuinely enjoyed Schwartz’s company. He’s an insightful and consistently funny -CBC

The Most Unlikely Comedian is an earnest monologue that’s equal parts self-deprecating, charming, keenly observant and fun.  -Winnipeg Free Press